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Recording of live webcast from February 26, 2014

In-Depth Look: 360pi found pricing strategy will make or break retailer holiday revenues and profits

The holiday season is extremely competitive for retailers—the entire year boils down to a battle for consumer attention and sales.This year was no exception, and many top retailers took to a pricing war to win the final sale.

Are you wondering how your competitors stacked up this holiday season? See how various pricing strategies resonated with consumers and which, ultimately, led to wins and losses among major online and multi-channel retailers.

In this webinar, 360pi references top retailers’ financial reports for the holidays and links holiday pricing strategy and execution to financial performance.

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  • See how retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Sears and others approached pricing during the holidays
  • Get an in-depth look at the most common pricing strategies, such as dynamic pricing, all-season discounting, final sale discounting and BOGO (buy one, get one) 
  • See a fascinating day-by-day view of pricing trends in top categories, such as TVs, tablets, digital cameras, video games and more
  • Learn how pricing strategies impacted retailer revenues and financial performance
  • Learn about revenue opportunities and winning pricing strategies for 2014

Throughout the holiday season, 360pi tracked pricing of more than 8,000 products in eight key categories. The data, which spanned 23 retailers and five marketplaces, was compiled into the Amazon Holiday Insights report series that were featured in the Bain Holiday Newsletter, Forbes, CNBC and ABC, among others.

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Smarter, More Profitable Pricing Decisions.

Expert Speakers

Deborah Weinswig
Industry Expert
Chief Customer Officer, Profitect

Nick Desbarats,
Director, Insights & Analytics, 360pi

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